Villagers rescued by snow blower

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Villagers rescued by snow blower

Post by Baz on Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:05 am

A snow blower has been sent to a village in Exmoor, Somerset, where residents have been trapped for a week by snow and ice.

Peter Bowker, 70, his wife Julie and five neighbouring families were stranded in their homes in the village of Upton after heavy snowfall.

Somerset County Council sent the blower early on Thursday but say that the snow will take some time to clear.

The council said it is dealing with the worst snowfalls in 20 years.

Peter Bowker, speaking on BBC Somerset this morning, said: "We woke up to a beautiful pink salmon sky and the other wonderful thing was tarmac.

"I ventured out in the old trusted 4X4 and managed to get down the one in six hill and back up again - we are now free from our prison.

"This is the worst snow we have ever seen - we have had one or two days when we've been stuck but nothing like this - this is the worst ever.

"We can't live without communication. I rang the council on Monday morning to tell them that we had been stuck since last Thursday and to ask them what's happening.

"A very polite lady took a message and a gentleman did phone back to say they were dealing with us on a priority basis but it would have been nice of them to keep in touch and tell us when they were coming so at least we could have some idea.

"A little bit of feedback would be welcome from the council when people are in unusual circumstances like this."

A spokesman from Somerset County Council said: "Somerset County Council highways staff have been in contact with Mr Bowker over the past 24 hours and were attempting to clear the road leading to the hamlet from lunchtime on Wednesday.

"Due to the compacted nature of the snow and ice, it was decided that a digger would take too long, so a snow blower was dispatched to the road and work resumes early on Thursday morning.

"This is a very remote unclassified road and it will take some time to clear. We have spoken to Mr Bowker several times to reassure him."

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Re: Villagers rescued by snow blower

Post by jackie 46 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:34 pm

We can't live without communication.

Their be no good in the Jungle LOL.
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