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Post by Baz on Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:40 am

Take That are a clean-cut manband from Manchester. Amy Winehouse is a drug-addled caner from Camden.

But, despite the gaping crack between them, How Did It Come To This, on Take That’s forthcoming album The Circus, is inspired by troubled Amy’s life.

Jason Orange — who was once the band’s chief hellraiser before hanging up his party hat — was behind the track about “a girl in Camden Town” living her life under the spotlight.

The lady in question is described as “slightly schizophrenic” and “slightly OCD” and living “a world away.”

Remind you of anyone?

Jason sings: “All this noise and all these lights/All this talking through the night. All this expectation now it’s making me neurotic/ Tell me have I seen your face before? How did it come to this?/ How did it ever come to this?”

The track later pleads with the caned Camden character: “Have you turned on your TV?/ Have you seen reality?”

Winehouse is probably the most unpleasant person to feature in a song from these pop kings. But fans looking forward to the new Take That CD brightening up winter should not fear.

The Circus — out December 1 — is the most uplifting, orchestral epic material they have produced.

The band shared responsibility and vocals around more than ever, with Mark Owen in particular taking more lead duties.

And Mark revealed: “There was a real camaraderie and equal flow of ideas.”

He takes the lead on track Hello — where the credit crunch gets a mention. Mark sings: “Looks like the cost of houses are falling but I don’t notice.”

And he revealed: “It’s a fun optimistic song that definitely shows a different side to us.”

Howard Donald sings lead on What Is Love and Here — co-written with London indie folk duo Turin Brakes.

Meanwhile band chief Gary Barlow is pleased the album’s first single — Greatest Day, out Monday — makes choosing the setlist for their gigs easier.

He said: “We’ve got so many songs to choose from to close live shows, but we always struggled for one to open with.

“Greatest Day is that song.”

The lads last month broke the record for the fastest-selling UK tour — selling 600,000 tickets in five hours for their 2009 stadium dates. They’ve had a lot of Greatest Days lately.

Unlike Winehouse...

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Post by jackie 46 on Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:41 am

Well if the song does well they can thank Amy LOL.
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