Adele ready to write next album

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Adele ready to write next album

Post by Baz on Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:07 am

Adele has told Radio One's Newsbeat she's planning to start writing the follow-up to her debut album 19 in the next month or so, and that she's got loads of ideas.

She said: "I've just got to find something to write about really. The first record I was just completely in love, whereas I'm just busy now.

"I don't really want to write about working! I just haven't got time for the heartache at the moment.

"Maybe I can go and hang out with Justin Timberlake and he can break my heart. I'm up for that!"

Adele said she knew exactly who she wanted to produce it, although she couldn't announce it yet as it's not confirmed.

"It's all really exciting. I'm not really nervous to be honest. I think you're only as good as your next record anyway.

"But luckily as the first record was so well received, I'm not being rushed that much by anyone, so that's really good."

Adele's just gone to number one in the US iTunes chart, mainly thanks to an appearance on hit show Saturday Night Live at the weekend.

It ended up being the most watched episode in 14 years thanks to having US vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin as a fellow guest.

Adele said: "She came up to me, I couldn't escape, and she was like 'My daughter bought your record for me.' She's really nice backstage though.

"I'm an Obama supporter but I can see her appeal for other women. She's just a soccer mum. Or football mum - I'm turning American!"

Adele said her next gig, a Little Noise Session for Mencap on the 11 November, will probably be her last in the UK with her current album. But she's back in the US for a tour there in January.

"It's not too big, 12 dates, major cities. It's going to be really, really, really great.

"It's kind of a big step up from the one I did in May and June. Bigger places and visiting a few places I haven't been before. It's phenomenal, the ball is really rolling now, it's really exciting."

Adele said it was an honour to be one of three acts picked by Burt Bacharach to take part in his BBC Electric Proms gig.

She gave a standout performance of Baby It's You, and told us she's been a fan for years: "He wrote a lot of Aretha Franklin's songs and a lot of the old ballads.

"I'm all about the ballads and I love an old crooner - and he was in Austin Powers."

And it's not just Burt who's a fan. The Raconteurs recently got Adele to cover their track Many Shades of Black as a B-side to their single.

Adele admitted: "I'm a huge fan of the White Stripes and The Raconteurs and it's Brendan Benson's song and he was really happy with it - which is great."

Despite getting to hang out with Jack White, Adele revealed he's still an elusive character to her.

"He's really intense, he really likes to look into people's eyes when he's talking to them and I hate doing that, so it was a big like 'Oh God!'

"But he's really nice, the whole band are lovely. We went for dinner and he's really family orientated and kept wanting to talk to his kids, but they were playing with the sprinklers or something."

She continued: "I was meant to record with him in Nashville but then he had to go and do the Bond tune with Alicia Keys.

"So I thought I'd never meet him... but then they came into the studio in Shepherds Bush and we did it and it was lovely!"

The singer also said she's hoping to get a couple of collaborations on her next album too.

"I really want to do a duet with Ray LaMontagne for the second record. And the guy that's going to produce it, I reckon it will be like a collaboration anyway, because he's really good."

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