Leona Lewis nominated for MTV Europe's Favourite Act

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Leona Lewis nominated for MTV Europe's Favourite Act

Post by Baz on Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:46 am

Who is Europe's favourite musical act? Is it the German party-rappers Fettes Brot? The Ukrainian "anti-glamour" punks Quest Pistols? Maybe those dour Finnish scamps Nightwish? MTV has decided to find out, pitting 21 disparate artists against each other in one giant European showdown. Will Stereo Mike take out Shiri Maimon? Will Feel trounce Finley? Or will Leona Lewis just out-warble the competition?

Lewis was the last artist to be announced as a nominee for Europe's Favourite Act at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards. She is the official representative of the UK and Ireland, voted by fans. She joins the rival acts below, who hail from such famed European countries as Israel, Turkey and "Adria".

Though 22 artists are nominated for Europe's Favourite Act, Lewis is the only one to be nominated in any other category at the awards. She joins Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Coldplay and Rihanna in the Best Act category. There's the chance, then, that she may be hailed as "Europe's Favourite Act" but not the "Best Act" a result that would make any diva cry.

"The range of the finalists truly demonstrates the breadth and taste of our audience," said MTV Europe Music Awards executive producer Richard Godfrey. "Now it is up to [the audience] to choose the final winner who will be announced on the night."

The award ceremony will take place in Liverpool on November 6. It will be hosted by pop star Katy Perry, who bravely told the BBC, "I hope that I don't spill my cocktail!"

Live performers will include Duffy, Pink and the Killers. Which is to say that none of Europe's favourite acts other than Lewis - are likely to be given a second of air time. Nevertheless, we'll hold out hope. Maybe next year MTV will let Hungary's Gonzo and France's Zaho host the programme. It's got to be more fun than Kid Rock.

Nominees for Europe's Favourite Act:

Adria: LAKA
Baltic: Happyendless
Denmark: Suspekt
Finland: Nightwish
France: Zaho
Germany: Fettes Brot
Greece: Stereo Mike
Holland: Der Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
Hungary: Gonzo
Israel: Shiri Maimon
Italy: Finley
Norway: Erik & Kriss
Poland: Feel
Portugal: Buraka Som Sistema
Romania: Morandi
Russia: Dima Bilan
Spain: Amaral
Sweden: Neverstore
Turkey: Emre Ayd
UK and Ireland: Leona Lewis
Ukraine: Quest Pistols

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