Gym Class Heroes’ Travis: I'm a Perry lucky guy

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Gym Class Heroes’ Travis: I'm a Perry lucky guy

Post by Baz on Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:43 am

Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy says girlfriend Katy Perry almost scrapped releasing I Kissed A Girl as she was not sure anyone would like it.

The rapper – whose crew look certain for the Top 10 this week with the single Cookie Jar – is ecstatic his missus is dominating global charts.

Trav, 27, told me: “As soon as Katy played I Kissed A Girl to me, I said: ‘Baby, this is a smash.’

“I totally knew from the word go, but she wasn’t so sure. She was like: ‘Do you really think so?’

“I proved it to her. When Gym Class Heroes went on tour earlier this year we put together a playlist of songs to play before we went on stage. I put I Kissed A Girl on there without Katy knowing and as soon as it blasted out the kids went absolutely mad.

“They didn’t even know who Katy Perry was then.

“Katy turned up to one gig while we were playing it and was like: ‘What are you doing?’ She was happy with the reaction though.”

Meanwhile, the loved-up pair have ruled out ever doing a collaboration. Travis said: “We’re Travis and Katy, not Sonny and Cher. We give each other’s music constructive criticism, but that’s it.

“Fortunately the rest of Gym Class Heroes love her. She’s no Yoko. My bandmates have admitted she’s the first girlfriend I’ve gone out with that they can stand.”

Travis also revealed that Brit wonder Estelle, 28, has brought him and KP, 23, even closer.

The singer appears on GCH’s new album, The Quilt, which is out this week.

He explained: “Estelle sings on a track called Guilty As Charged.

“We’ve been good friends for years and I knew she’d murder the hook on it. Her swagger is undeniable. I’m in love with her music.

“Me and Katy have been listening to her album Shine non-stop.

“There’s a track called Come Over on it where she sings ‘Baby’ in a really sexy way. Katy sings it when she calls me. It gives me chills.”

Ahh, young love…

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