DJ Mark Ronson splits with model Daisy Lowe

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DJ Mark Ronson splits with model Daisy Lowe

Post by Baz on Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:34 am

I hate to be the bringer of bad news but it is my sad duty to report that my pal Daisy Lowe's romance with DJ Mark Ronson has hit the rocks after just six months.

I have to say I was totally shocked when I heard the news. I thought these two would run and run.

But last night a spokeswoman for Daisy told me: "Yes it's true. They've split.

"But it's a private matter between Daisy and Mark and there is nothing more to add."

I'm told the split took place in New York, where Daisy is based, earlier this week.

My spies tell me the couple were bickering over a minor problem but that the row quickly snowballed and ended with the pair going their separate ways.

My mole said: "They were just having a row but it got quite heated and Daisy shouted at Mark that she'd had enough and was leaving him. Mark just said 'Fine, leave'. They have had no contact since." The pair were due to fly into the UK yesterday for London fashion week, where Daisy, 19, is booked to appear in a string of catwalk shows.

But I hear Daisy boarded a plane alone last night where she was due to be met by her mum, Pearl Lowe. Friends of the couple say no one else is involved in the split and hope that they will be able to patch up their differences.

But I'm told that problems have been brewing for a while fuelled by the 14-year age gap between the pair. One told me:

"Daisy is a girl about town just finding her feet on the party scene and loving every minute of it.

"She is still a teenager and although she's got a wise head on her shoulders, she's still a very young woman. But Mark is the opposite. He's at a very different stage in his life.

"He's 33 now and although he enjoys the party lifestyle he's looking to settle down and Daisy isn't ready for that."

They have become the hot test couple on the London party scene. And only last week the impossibly beautiful pair looked totally in love.

At Mark's 33rd birthday party I overheard Daisy telling pals how happy she was. So here's hoping this is just a temporary split and that these two manage to patch things up, sharpish.

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