Jose Gonzalez, Lykke Li, Simian Mobile Disco

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Jose Gonzalez, Lykke Li, Simian Mobile Disco

Post by Dr43 on Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:59 am

I thought i would bring this from the old site to start things off.

Summer Sundae is now in it's 8th year and has grown year on year from a one day one stage event to it's current 3 days and 5 stages.

It is my first time here and I can only make the Sunday. The first this that strikes me is how small it is. It is very compact. Everything is no more than a few minuets from each other. As it is so small it feels very busy even though there are only 6000 people there.

Luckily the weather had improved from the previous days and it is now sunny t-shirt weather.

Summer Sundae is of those festivals that will never have the massive head liner as it is just too small. It is not really about that either. It is about chilling and seeing new acts dotted amongst more established acts.

First up is (in this review anyway) Jose Gonzalez. Now, I have never really been a fan. As technically good as he is I find him a bit, well, boring. But he was perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon. The smooth vocals and guitar drifted over the airways soothing Saturday nights excesses away. The highlight for me was his reworking of Kylie's Put your hand on your heart. So, although it was not my normal thing, I really enjoyed it.

After a couple of other artists and a trip to the comedy tent it was off to the third stage to see Swedish newcomer Lykke Li.

I don't know a great deal about her but I liked some stuff I saw on the BBC's Glasto coverage. So off we went. It was starting to cool down outside. But the atmosphere was red hot in the tent. With the expansive sound scape she creates the crowd warm to her instantly. I don't know how to describe the style really. All I can say is she is a fine exponent of singing with a megaphone. Over all she
delivers a fine set that leaves the crowd wanting more. I will go to see her again.

It is now starting to get dark as we pop across to the main stage for this years closing act, Simian Mobile Disco. SMD are an electronic dance act that are on the harder side of the dance spectrum, so I am looking forward to a thumping bass line to get me dancing. One thing all dance acts have to contend with is how do you make 2 men
twiddling knobs interesting. Light shows are one way and SMD do not disappoint on this front. You know when you have a good light show when you can feel the heat from them.

Their unique selling point is the way their equipment is laid out. It is all on a central unit that they can move round rather than just standing behind it.

To the show it's self. All I can say is that it was simply stunning. The bass line ripped through you as you were blinded by the lights. This was a real aural and visual assault. If they did this on the street they would be arrested.

Everyone is dancing from the start but it blows up when Hustler starts up. It is their signature tune and you may have heard it used on a trail for the BBC's Drop Dead Gorgeous. It is a first class show and by the end I am danced out.

Everyone slowly makes their way out of the De Monfort Hall grounds for their journeys home. For me that is a 2 mile walk in the cool breeze that is chilling my sweat soaked clothes. But I don't mind. I am buzzing. Bring on next year.


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Re: Jose Gonzalez, Lykke Li, Simian Mobile Disco

Post by Baz on Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:03 am

Great review. Love the pics!


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